Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gift?

The Perfect Christmas Gift?

So here we are its winter time….and if you are in Phoenix like I am your thankful for the cooler temperatures.   It’s also the “Christmas Season”.  A time of snowball fights, and shopping trips, family, and friends ,and past year reflections.  Yep, that’s right shopping, that what Christmas time is all about….. gift giving….right?  I mean LQQK around….that is what we are bombarded with all month long.  Am I saying that gift giving is wrong….NO.  When you give gifts to your children…they open them up on Christmas morning…you see that surprise…the smile….the joy….it's wonderful and you want more and can’t get enough.  That’s what God feels on a grander scale when we open Gifts he give us……..God love gift giving.

….Soooo what gifts does God like to give ???—JESUS…who was there before creation began, and took part in creating YOU. (Gen.1:26) (Gen.3:22) (John 1:1-2). God loved us so much despite our disobedience (sin) to Him.. God loved us so much He sent His only son to save us (John 3:16) despite rejecting Him. Jesus stepped out of Heaven (no time), and walk the land(in time), and walked with us, and ate with us, and it was God….made….man (John1:14).

Jesus…God’s Christmas Gift to us….born in the poor town of Bethlehem.  When all the hotels & motels were  booked solid because the census by the Roman government was more a priority…..So as the contractions grew closer…options for housing became limited.  There was the stable….dirty…dingy ….dark…no doubt a humbling experience for a King. So there is where Jesus would be born….born so He could  teach us….born so He could be-friend us…. Born to die for us…Born so He could rescue and save us.
In his earthly ministry, Jesus gave up is spiritual protection in the desert to be tempted by satan, in the same way we would be tempted by satan.   satan new who Jesus was,  and I’m sure he showed no mercy on Jesus…and I can’t possibly imagine how hard it was to go through that time. It was war.... Satan wanted the world---God wanted your love and it was all up to Jesus...... Jesus went through other temptations…He went through others trying to trick him….to trap him….and a close friend who would betray him….they would mock him by trial…. when He said He is the King…they were in denial….they charged Him…convicted Him…sentence Him, crucify Him….. He would die.  In their hearts they were at a loss….as they put Him on the Cross, where  Jesus paid the cost.  Jesus beat all of satan’s trickery, when He died  at calvary in eternal Victory.

Jesus always came out perfect…God wanted perfection it was the only way to rid the sin…to offer forgiveness…to offer salvation….so Jesus could offer you the true Christmas gift.  So the children could be  restored with the father…God…that we can be in His family…He built a home for you there through His son Jesus.   A place that never allows hate…lies…hurt….pain ever…ever again.  A place of true family and friends…where you  will know what true friendship is.

So this Christmas when your shopping for the perfect gift that you don’t have.  You will find it under God’s tree (foot of the cross)’ll see it at the bottom of the tree ,you may have to get on your knees to reach it….while you’re their…. leave all your sin and pain their…its ok…God will take them…as you take His gift.  This Gift you were given from under God’s tree needs no exchange policy…no batteries, and never breaks down or expires.  The Gift of Eternal life=salvation will be the best gift you ever received…..THE PERFECT GIFT--and after you receive it…you will want to help someone else to get this gift…it’s meant to be shared…..It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving…

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Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation Use discernment (Acts 17:11, 1 Thes. 5:21).

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  1. Very nice. The true perfect gift was and always will be Christ.