Friday, April 14, 2017

Thank God It's Friday - Passion Day 6

Just after midnight on Mount of Olives in the Garden......
--Jesus teaching Disciples on the way to Gethsemane -John 15:1-16:33

--Jesus now at Gethsemane prays for his disciples -John 17:1-26


--Jesus continues in Prays as his soul is in sorrow.  Satan is really trying to destroy Jesus, and any chance for humanity to be saved. Matthew 26:36

--Judas comes with a kiss and betrays Jesus and he is now arrested - Matthew 26:47-56
 >> Now around 3:00am <<
--Jesus brought to Jerusalem and before Annas to begin the false accusations and trial- John 18:13-14
--Jesus now brought to Caiaphas for more accusations and beatings - John 18:24
--Jesus is falsely condemned and mistreated by the Sanhedrin all through the night. Matthew 26:57-68
--Peter denies Jesus Three Times.- Matthew 26:58, 69-75
--Sanhedrin formally and officially condemns Jesus - Matthew 27:1
--Judas goes out to commit suicide - Matthew 27:3-10
>> Now around 6:00am <<
--Jesus appears before Pilate-  Matthew 27:2, 11-14
--Jesus appears before Herod- Luke 23:8-12
--Jesus appears before Pilate again- Matthew 27:15-23
--Jesus scourges, beaten, and mocked by Romans- Matthew 27:27:31
>> Now around 9:00am << 
--Pilate approves the order for Jesus' death - Matthew 27:22-26
--Jesus walks the  Via Dolorosa to the Cross - Matthew 27:31:34
--Jesus on the Cross for the First 3 Hours-Matthew 27:35-44
>> Now around 12pm-Noon <<
--Jesus on the Cross for the final 3 hours- Matthew 27:45-50
>> Now around 3:00pm <<
--Joseph buries the body of Jesus- Matthew 27:57-61
--Jewish leaders secure the tomb - Matthew 27:62-66

Jesus now has the Keys and is the Savior of the World.  Satan has lost for the 2nd Time in known History. First he loses in Heaven and is Kicked out.  Second he fails with Jesus in an attempt to take Humanity from God.

Jesus stepped out of Heaven and let the worst of Humanity step all over him.  So you could have a brand new life with God the Father in Heaven above forever.  IF you do not know Jesus now is the time. Please visit STEPS2BSAVED below.

For the Saints and For the Lamb.

Lord willing until next time...for the Saints and for the Lamb!

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the  Holy Bible, NLT  or ESV Translation Use discernment (Acts 17:11, 1 Thessalonians. 5:21).For Great Teachings to listen to visit:

Be all that the Lord expects offering forgiving sinner one unconditional lasting salvation.

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