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Belt of Truth (1of7) A.O.G.

"Stand firm then, with the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist." Ephesians 6:14a
When God inspired these words to Paul in Ephesians 6 it was not just helpful tips to get you through your day.  He was handing over a set of impenetrable, fortified, and unbroken defense systems that would hold back the forces of satan, and the forces of evil.  To hold back long enough so the Gospel Message can reach the lost who are enslaved to the world, to sin, to evil one who as been waging a b.a.t.t.l.e.o.f.s.o.u.l.s. (Genesis 3:15) with Jesus, and us since this world's beginning , and we who have these defenses must help those who are defenseless.

Mission of the Belt: secure the the Sword, and other Armor.
(I) Roman Soldier : the belt called Cingulum - it secured other pieces of their armor & sword. It would have straps hanging from the belt that would offer some protection, but would also make noise that would often intimidate the enemy.

(II) Christian Soldier : just like the cingulum  our belt secures our sword(the bible). We must check, adjust, and keep our belt secure at all times.  You cannot have one without the other.
  2 Timothy 2:15 says as Guardians of the Gospel we must correctly handle the word of Truth. 1 john 1:6 says if we backslide in our walk with our Commander in Chief (Jesus) then the belt is compromised.  Imagine your getting ready to witness to a lost soul, and your backsliding, and they know it.  That is like charging into battle toward the enemy, and losing your belt in the pursuit of sharing the gospel that secures your sword (bible), you stumble & fall  (backslide) and become a self-inflicted soldier.  How effective will you really be?  Remember this is the reason that the evil one waits to pounce on you even though he can't have you.  To stop you from taking others from his battlefield. You must guard, and protect your belt of truth.  You must always be ready.

(III) What is Truth ? -
 2 Timothy 3:16 says is God-breathed scriptures that make up the bible. So whats in the bible ? God's story to the world, God's promises, God's commands, and God's Gospel message that will save man kind. To give sight to the blind person (2 Corinthians 4:4)  that is lost out on the battlefield.  This is the Truth, and no one can thwart  God's truth as Isaiah 14:27  says " The Lord of Heaven's Armies has spoken-who can change his plans? When his (God) hand is raised, who can stop him ?(nlt)

(IV) Dangers without the Belt of Truth.
(1) You will believe the World's truth in place of Gods. Romans 1:25
(2) Belt loss is Sword loss is Knowledge loss and your defenseless against enemy. Proverbs 19:27
(3) Belt loss= Backsliding= appearance as false teacher= leading lost back to the evil one. Matthew 24:11
You will become no use for the kingdom of God, and the Cause for  Christ= winning over souls. If you are in that place now ((i have been there before more than once) don't lose hope.  God says in Hosea 14:4 that he will heal you..forgive you..why? because God's steadfast L.O.V.E. never ceases Lamentations 3:22

(V) Requesting this piece of Armor
As a Christian you are already entitled to this piece of armor, as with all pieces of the Armor of God.  You just have to ask for it, and learn how to use it.  In John 17:14-19 Jesus prayed to God to protect us from the enemy as the world hates us (christians). Asking God to sanctify us with the truth. Giving us this belt of truth to go with the rest of our Armor.
What is Sanctify ? (John 17:17) = to set apart, to declare holy, to consecrate.  God as set us apart on the battlefield.  You will be known as holy soldier for God's army for he declared it when you accepted Christ.
Please know your armor there are  over 300 scriptures in the bible on truth.  Read them, get to know them, so you will be better equip to protect yourselves against the enemy, and rescue lost souls off the battlefield.  That is our mission until God calls us Home.
If you don't know Jesus- please stop waiting-- none of us are wise enough to know how much time we have left.  Please visit Steps 2B Saved, and ask Jesus to be your Commander in Chief- to save you from this world that is currently falling apart around us.  If you need prayer find a christian nearby, go to a bible-believing church or email me @ . i will pray for you..
Until next time Lord willing
For the Saints & for the Lamb.
   Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the  Holy Bible, NLT  or ESV Translation Use discernment (Acts 17:11, 1 Thessalonians. 5:21).
Be all that the Lord expects offering forgiving sinner one unconditional lasting salvation.

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