Monday, December 3, 2012


ISRAEL is facing possible backlash from countries in Europe due to expanding settlement buildings after the U.N. recognized Palestinian statehood.--
Britain, France and Sweden summoned the Israeli ambassadors in their respective capitals to hear deep disapproval of the plan to erect 3,000 more homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem --continue with the story here....

"From my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me. Let all Israel repeat this: From my earliest youth my enemies have persecuted me, but they have never defeated me." Psalm 129:1-2 
The Persecution of Israel comes any many forms and from many enemies. Those who hate her will not stop until she is "wiped off the map " Psalm 83:14  Her protection is God divine, and the prayers for her should come from Soldiers of God. God will bless all those who pray and support Israel in all these last days.
 "Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper" Psalm 122:6


Here should be your Prayer:

"O Jerusalem, may there be peace within your walls, and prosperity in your palaces. For the sake of my family and friends, I will say, "May you have peace." For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek what is best for you, O Jerusalem."
Psalm 122:7-9
Be a Prayer Warrior for Jerusalem--For Israel. Psalm 6:18

For the Saints & for the Lamb !

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the  Holy Bible, NLT Translation Use discernment (Acts 17:11, 1Thess. 5:21 )
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